The story of the best Provolone in the world begins with an Italian family secret!

Over 145 years ago in Italy, pioneering cheese maker Gennaro Auricchio invented a special recipe to make the most deliciously piquant provolone cheese.

Lovingly known as the “Secret of Don Gennaro”; his recipe has been used by the Auricchio family since 1877 when Gennaro founded his cheese making business in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, near Naples.  His special rennet recipe is what gives our Auricchio Provolone the unique and unmistakable flavor you know and love.

The tradition continues with this “First Family of Provolone”!

All these decades later, Auricchio Provolone is still meticulously handcrafted and aged by the same family using the same technique. Master cheese maker and eldest son of Gennaro, Antonio Auricchio uses his fathers exclusive rennet recipe to make this legendary delicacy the time-honored way.

Today, Auricchio is the world leader in provolone. And true to its heritage, all of our Auricchio Provolone is still manufactured by hand, in Italy “Fatto a mano da sempre.”  No other provolone has the same tradition, craftsmanship, quality or taste of Auricchio imported provolone.

A true original, Auricchio Provolone is known the world over for its special recipe, versatility, texture and of course our famous Auricchio taste. Our distinct cheeses all have unique characteristics that set them apart from other provolones.

From our beloved 12 months aged Auricchio Provolone Classico to our uniquely bold, 18 months aged Provolone Stravecchio and our mildest 6 months aged Provolone Gustoso; all our cheeses are made in Italy with whole cow’s milk from carefully selected farms.  They’re then brought to the US and your table by Ambriola – the premier importer of the finest cheeses from Italy since 1921.

The unique and authentic taste of Auricchio Provolone makes it immediately recognizable among other cheeses.  Whether you enjoy it layered in sandwiches, grated over soups, diced in salads, or on a cheeseboard paired with crusty bread and Italian wine; you’ll enjoy a taste of family tradition in every bite.

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