Expert quality, superior craftsmanship, the finest milk available and maintaining the tradition that Don Gennaro began when he founded Auricchio in Italy way back in 1877 – when you serve our imported provolone cheeses, you’ll know you’re enjoying the best!

Still in the family and now made by Gennaro’s eldest son Antonio; all our cheeses adhere to the strictest standards to ensure excellence.  Carefully made by hand using time honored techniques and our secret rennet recipe; our cheeses are a true farm to table experience you can feel good about.

The Auricchio family has always had a focus on superior quality for our cheeses and care for our customers. We specifically use only the best milk from select local farms with special breeds of pasture raised cows to hand craft our cheeses. The milk itself even undergoes qualifying tests using the strictest standards.

All our Auricchio Provolone cheeses are made with care by hand following an ISO certified quality management process based on over 145 years of experience and respect for tradition. Unlike other provolone producers, lipase is never added to create that incredible natural picante flavor you know and love. We take great pride in producing the best quality imported provolone for you and your family.

Not just a time honored delicacy; our cheeses have a multitude of health benefits too!

All varieties of Auricchio Provolone are a complete food that’s rich in calcium and the essential proteins necessary for both healthy development and the nourishment of bone tissue. From rapidly growing children and teenagers through active adults and the elderly who require additional calcium for bone health; our cheeses make a wonderful addition to your daily diet at all stages of life.  A naturally gluten free food; Auricchio Provolone can be enjoyed on veggie packed salads, in hearty soups, paired with fruit, or as a snack to give your diet a healthy boost.

Good for you and good for the environment.

The Auricchio family also has a focus on sustainability in our cheesemaking including emissions reductions projects, facilities powered with clean energy, whey repurposing to reduce water usage, and a commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging too.

When you choose our Auricchio Provolone cheese you can feel good knowing you’re making the best choice for your family, your health, and the environment too.

Auricchio, proud to only produce the best!